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Scoping Searches with MetaSearch


Earlier this month, I released new gems of MetaSearch and MetaWhere. These gems were important personal milestones for me, because with the release of Rails 3 beta 4 and Arel 0.4.0, I was finally able to make a gem release of the work I’d been putting in on GitHub the past few months. I gave a few summary release notes, and then all fell silent on this blog. Part of this is because I’ve been busy at the office, working on a new iPhone app for a client of ours. Starting tonight, and in preparation for Rails 3 final, I’m going to cover some of the features in more detail. First up: scoping searches.
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Jun 30, 2010

MetaSearch and MetaWhere 0.5.0 released!

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With the release of Rails 3.0.0.beta4 and Arel 0.4.0, all of the pieces have come together in gem form to allow a new gem release of both MetaSearch and MetaWhere.

I’m really excited about these releases, as they’ve been a long time coming. The last MetaSearch gem release was way back in March, while the last MetaWhere gem was released in April — this felt like an eternity in the fast-moving edge Rails world. :) I hope you enjoy the new release, and thanks in advance for submitting any bugs you find!

Now, on to what’s new since the last gem releases…
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Jun 8, 2010